2018 Discipleship Catalog

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That is the theme of this year’s discipleship offerings. To pursue something is to chase after it, usually at the expense of something else. Pursuit requires focused priorities, an intense desire for something that is worthy of that chase. And what else, or who else, is more worthy of our pursuit than our Father in Heaven? 

But that’s the thing…if we’re honest, we don’t really pursue God—we kind of just fit Him into our schedules. He gets some of our time, a little bit of our attention, and is usually sought out only after our more important priorities have been taken care of. God, too often, gets our leftovers, and not our first fruits. 

Here at FBCW, we want to continue to strive to be a church family that lives in a different reality. We want to be a people who prioritize our relationship with God—diving deeper into His Word, being in helpful community with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and impacting the world around us for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why our mission is to Love God, Love People, and Love More People. 

And that is why this Discipleship Catalog is created. We want you to be informed about opportunities FBCW is providing for you to pursue God in more and deeper ways than you may have before. We believe in a simple, diverse approach to discipleship, which is why you will find in this catalog information about Bible studies, small groups, service opportunities, and more. Clearly, we don’t expect you to be at everything, but we do strongly encourage you to take some of these opportunities to chase after your Heavenly Father. After all, before any of us had come to know Him as our Savior, God chased us down in relentlessly faithful grace. We pursue Him, because He has pursued us. 

Know that we are for you, and want to help you continue to grow in any way we can. Hopefully, this Discipleship Catalog will be an avenue for you to do just that! 

For the Glory of Christ and the sake of His Church,

Tony Foreman Senior Pastor

Brett Hower Executive Discipleship Pastor