International Mission Partners

Hope Community Church Barlanark - Scotland

Once called "The Land of the Book", Gospel Christianity has reached an all time low in Scotland. God is doing an amazing work throughout Scotland, and that is why we have partnered with Hope Community Church and 20Schemes. A plant church outside of Glasgow, Hope Community Church Barlanark is part of 20Schemes network of plant churches. In most of the UK they are know as council estates, in the US they are regarded as the projects and in Scotland they are called schemes. To some these are places of terror, to some places of hopelessness but to many millions more they are home. 20Schemes believes that the biggest need, most urgent crisis, and most crippling poverty in the schemes is spiritual. Most living in Scotland's schemes are spiritually dead, trapped, lost, unreached and unengaged by the church. 20Schemes believes that the Gospel alone can change lives. 20Schemes has responded by planting churches, such as Hope Community Church, within the schemes to bring new, healthy, vibrant, Gospel preaching churches established in the schemes and for the schemes. Led by Pete Stewart, Pete Bell, and their families, Hope Community Church exists to make Jesus known in Barlanark and beyond.